Mindsets and Behaviours for Successful New Ways of Working

Duration: 1 hour 1 mins
Filmed: March 2022

New ways of working require us to shift our mindset about the way work happens and to adjust our behaviours to build a safe workplace and support team performance. We will address some of the emerging trends in the workplace and provide strategies and insights for making the necessary changes.

The Evolution of the Lawyer

Duration: 59 mins
Filmed: March 2021
The skillset and behavioural expectations of what it means to be a successful lawyer continue to evolve. This session will work through a number of models that identify the skills, attributes and mindsets of the successful lawyer now, and what they will need to develop to continue that success into the future.

Transformation + Mindset = ?

Duration: 1 hour
Filmed: March 2020
This presentation looks at why mindset is critical for successful transformation and what you can do to build a transformational mindset in yourself and others.