Obtaining and using information - what are the ethical limits?

Duration: 1 hour
Filmed: March 2018
We will explore the ethics around obtaining and using information and consider the areas of solicitor rules, confidentiality,privilege and mistakes.

Ethics in the age of social media

Duration: 43 mins
Filmed: June 2018
What are the professional obligations to Google to stalk a potential witness? Or a due diligence target? And what are the limitations? Should you seek to ‘friend’ an in house counsel prior to or during litigation in which their company is involved? Does it matter what platform is being used (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)?

Does big data have a conscience? AI and professional ethics

Duration: 1 hour
Filmed: March 2019
This short course was recorded live in March 2019 and covers:

- a background on AI, data analytics and the tools that are and will be available to deploy on legal issues;

- understand the Impact of AI from a legal perspective – conduct rules, professional obligations and what you should be thinking about;

- analyse the (little ‘e’) ethics of deploying AI systems: what are the professional ethics of that deployment?; and

- determine whether the ethics are different for in-house vs external lawyers.