Alliancing and Outsourcing: Enabling major projects to succeed

Duration: 53 mins
Filmed: December 2021

This webinar explores the in-house counsel’s role in helping to drive process innovation in major projects. By focusing on results rather than tasks, in-house counsel can help the business leverage win-win thinking with service providers and procurement partners.

The session will explore:

  • why major projects are prone to failure or underperformance in relation to the initial expectations, if those initial expectations are not strategically enabled;
  • how different stakeholders can approach a project in order to meet all parties’ needs and complete the project in line with its anticipated cost;
  • how to define the roles and measurable outcomes of the respective parties, and implement appropriate governance structures (such as early warnings processes);
  • how these concepts underpin the alliance form of project management;
  • how in-house counsel can lay the groundwork for the revitalisation of relationships with key partners; and
  • how to decrease the likelihood of disputes arising.

Continuous Improvement + Technology – the bridge to the unknown

Duration: 1 hour
Filmed: March 2018
There will never be an ideal time to begin and the longer you wait, the wider the gap between where you want to be, and the reality of where you are. This presentation covers how to start your continuous improvement journey.

Identifying and managing risk

Duration: 1 hour 1 mins
Filmed: March 2021
Some of the many legal engagements and arrangements on which in-house counsel advise each year will be business-critical and require careful advice based on detailed, time-intensive consideration. It is not practical, however, for an organisation to devote the same level of legal resource to every part of the business, meaning that some parts of the organisation get less legal attention.

This video explores how in-house counsel prioritise and allocate resources; and what might be done about potential latent risk areas. Our panelists discuss:
  • resource allocation and value of transaction as a measure of legal resource required;
  • identifying higher risk business areas, including those where the legal team has little visibility;
  • stakeholder communication around risk; and
  • relevant case studies.

Leveraging Design Thinking for legal services innovation

Duration: 1 hour
Filmed: March 2019
This short course was recorded in March 2019 and covers:

- Why design thinking? Operational benefits for legal teams looking to innovate, improve performance, do more with less;

- When would you apply design thinking? What kinds of projects, teams, are best suited to a design thinking approach. How do you know if your team/your organisation is ready? What can you do to ‘get ready’; and

- How would you get started and what would you need to know? Tools & techniques, adaptation to team, environment and organisation.

The New Sex Discrimination Bill and Best Practice Management of Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaints

Duration: 58 mins
Filmed: July 2021

In March 2020 Australia’s sex discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, tabled the Respect@Work report to the Government, outlining the multifaceted response required for Australia to tackle sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the workplace.

The Sex Discrimination and Fair Work (Respect at Work) Amendment Bill 2021 (the Bill) was introduced in June 2021 and broadly reflects the Government’s response to the Report, implementing some (but not all) of the Report’s recommendations. The Bill proposes several amendments to discrimination and workplace laws.

In light of these proposed changes, employment law specialists Dianne Banks and Tom Brett will be hosting an interactive webinar on the best practice management of sexual harassment complaints in the current legal, cultural and media landscape and the impact of the proposed changes above.

Working Effectively the Hybrid Way

Duration: 1 hour 3 mins
Filmed: March 2022

In this course, we focus on the evolving ways of working in a hybrid world and explore how to enhance team performance in this environment.